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2010-09-18 exorcist [en] exorcist pronunciation votes
2010-09-15 JVC [en] JVC pronunciation votes
2010-09-15 droids [en] droids pronunciation votes
2010-09-15 packing [en] packing pronunciation votes
2010-09-15 geeks [en] geeks pronunciation votes
2010-09-15 Privileges [en] Privileges pronunciation votes
2010-09-15 nouns [en] nouns pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-09-15 diuretics [en] diuretics pronunciation votes
2010-09-15 fluoridation [en] fluoridation pronunciation votes
2010-09-15 elmwood [en] elmwood pronunciation votes
2010-09-15 subpharyngeal [en] subpharyngeal pronunciation votes
2010-09-14 soarer [en] soarer pronunciation votes
2010-09-14 calibrating [en] calibrating pronunciation votes
2010-09-14 Isn't it? [en] Isn't it? pronunciation votes
2010-09-14 breather [en] breather pronunciation votes
2010-09-14 wireframe [en] wireframe pronunciation votes
2010-09-14 web bot [en] web bot pronunciation votes
2010-09-14 misc [en] misc pronunciation votes
2010-09-14 Mooregate [en] Mooregate pronunciation votes

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The South Yorkshire accent is unavoidable even though I try hard to be well spoken. You'll notice tha the a sound is shorter than the longer "ah" sound in the South of the country in many words eg bath, path.

If anyone is interested in anything in a broad yorkshire accent I can include all the missing elements like glottal stops, dropped letters and more of my twang I work so hard to hide. I'm proud of it really!

I am learning about food for my job, so am interested in Asian and Eastern European words for food items andtypical savoury/sweet dishes. My attempts at pronouncing them are almost as hilarious as the disaster when I try to cook them!

Sex: Female

Accent/country: United Kingdom

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