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2013-09-29 pronotum [en] pronotum pronunciation By agosta
2013-09-28 passel [en] passel pronunciation By dorabora
2013-09-23 microlight [en] microlight pronunciation By jalyea
2013-04-12 forewing [en] forewing pronunciation By jessy158
2013-04-12 oviposit [en] oviposit pronunciation By trice
2013-04-12 oviposition [en] oviposition pronunciation By trice
2013-04-12 ovipositor [en] ovipositor pronunciation By trice
2013-04-12 linearizing [en] linearizing pronunciation By jessy158
2013-04-12 cosmogony [en] cosmogony pronunciation By jessy158
2013-04-12 quadrupole [en] quadrupole pronunciation By jessy158
2013-04-09 ineligibility [en] ineligibility pronunciation By DarcyHart
2013-04-05 prototypical [en] prototypical pronunciation By AnnieBananie
2012-12-04 tempting [en] tempting pronunciation By TopQuark
2012-10-14 мелочёвка [ru] мелочёвка pronunciation 0 votes
2012-10-12 alrighty [en] alrighty pronunciation By TowerOfTerrorII
2012-10-06 отключен [ru] отключен pronunciation 0 votes
2012-10-01 criminy [en] criminy pronunciation By TopQuark
2012-09-30 stridulation [en] stridulation pronunciation By noire
2012-09-30 московский акцент [ru] московский акцент pronunciation 0 votes
2012-09-30 не понял [ru] не понял pronunciation 0 votes
2012-09-30 не поняла [ru] не поняла pronunciation 0 votes
2012-09-30 отъезжать [ru] отъезжать pronunciation 0 votes
2012-09-30 ставь [ru] ставь pronunciation 0 votes
2012-09-30 поставь [ru] поставь pronunciation 0 votes

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