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Date Word Pronunciation Info
2015-06-27 laskuri [fi] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-11-23 självbiografier [sv] självbiografier pronunciation By pernys32
2014-11-23 getmjölk [sv] getmjölk pronunciation By pernys32
2014-11-23 tycka synd om [sv] tycka synd om pronunciation By pernys32
2014-11-23 lägga märke till [sv] lägga märke till pronunciation By pernys32
2014-11-23 Sjuksköterskan [sv] Sjuksköterskan pronunciation By pernys32
2014-11-10 traumatizing [en] traumatizing pronunciation By Hunkypunk
2014-10-25 Harjoitukset [fi] Harjoitukset pronunciation By Toinennimi
2014-09-13 Dammsugaren [sv] Dammsugaren pronunciation By pernys32
2014-09-12 svårnådda [sv] svårnådda pronunciation By pernys32
2014-09-12 kökslådorna [sv] kökslådorna pronunciation By pernys32
2014-09-11 lätäkköön [fi] lätäkköön pronunciation By heavytik
2014-09-11 Johdonmukaisuus [fi] Johdonmukaisuus pronunciation By heavytik
2014-04-03 Je m’entends [fr] Je m’entends pronunciation By Pat91
2013-07-13 karaktäristiskt [sv] karaktäristiskt pronunciation By fres001
2013-07-13 obildade [sv] obildade pronunciation By stefanlindmark
2013-07-13 fordrande [sv] fordrande pronunciation By fres001
2012-09-17 Messerkante [de] Messerkante pronunciation By Bartleby
2012-09-17 Wiederkehr [de] Wiederkehr pronunciation By BigMuff
2012-09-06 livscykeln [sv] livscykeln pronunciation By gilbertroland
2012-09-06 protestantiska [sv] protestantiska pronunciation By gilbertroland
2012-09-06 obrukbara [sv] obrukbara pronunciation By gilbertroland
2012-09-05 vanligen [sv] vanligen pronunciation By gilbertroland

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First of all, thank you for the visiting my page!
The language itself is the most interesting thing we study throughout our life... As to the foreign language, I find the life itself in that.
I wish I could speak more dialects.
Have a wonderful day!

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."

(c) Robert Frost

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