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2014-12-27 hvor mange [da] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-12-26 время года [ru] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-12-26 Corni [it] Corni pronunciation By Lilianuccia
2014-12-25 GPS [sv] GPS pronunciation By ptitpainsuedois
2014-12-25 orientera sig [sv] orientera sig pronunciation By ptitpainsuedois
2014-12-25 shampoo alle erbe [it] shampoo alle erbe pronunciation By Lilianuccia
2014-12-25 conserve [it] conserve pronunciation By Lilianuccia
2014-12-25 în jur de [ro] în jur de pronunciation By Lilianuccia
2014-12-25 merge înapoi [ro] merge înapoi pronunciation By Lilianuccia
2014-12-24 crauti [it] crauti pronunciation By Lilianuccia
2014-12-24 macedonia di frutta [it] macedonia di frutta pronunciation By Lilianuccia
2014-12-24 kollidera med [sv] kollidera med pronunciation By Indigo72
2014-12-24 vara försenad [sv] vara försenad pronunciation By Indigo72
2014-12-23 ziariști [ro] ziariști pronunciation By Red9
2014-12-23 dimineți [ro] dimineți pronunciation By Red9
2014-12-23 pierdem [ro] pierdem pronunciation By Lilianuccia
2014-12-23 luați loc [ro] luați loc pronunciation By Lilianuccia
2014-12-23 răspoimâine [ro] răspoimâine pronunciation By Red9
2014-12-23 lunea [ro] lunea pronunciation By Red9
2014-12-23 essere tentato di [it] essere tentato di pronunciation By Lilianuccia
2014-12-23 essere in grado di [it] essere in grado di pronunciation By Lilianuccia
2014-12-23 apă minerală [ro] apă minerală pronunciation By Lilianuccia
2014-12-22 visa vägen [sv] visa vägen pronunciation By pernys32
2014-12-22 parkeringsvakt [sv] parkeringsvakt pronunciation By pernys32
2014-12-22 p-skiva [sv] p-skiva pronunciation By pernys32
2014-12-22 parkeringshus [sv] parkeringshus pronunciation By pernys32
2014-12-22 lift [sv] lift pronunciation By pernys32
2014-12-22 kasvisleipä [fi] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-12-22 kasvissyönti [fi] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-12-22 Bengali [fi] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
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