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2014-02-02 seafood [en] seafood pronunciation votes
2014-02-02 get-together [en] get-together pronunciation votes
2014-02-02 ACDC [en] ACDC pronunciation votes
2014-02-02 bilayer [en] bilayer pronunciation votes
2013-11-17 subatomic [en] subatomic pronunciation votes
2013-10-26 heartfelt [en] heartfelt pronunciation 1 votes
2013-10-26 mentoring [en] mentoring pronunciation votes
2013-05-18 euthanized [en] euthanized pronunciation votes
2013-03-10 Unpunished [en] Unpunished pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2013-02-03 sore [en] sore pronunciation votes
2012-08-11 Moscow [en] Moscow pronunciation votes
2012-08-10 Arrhenius [en] Arrhenius pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2012-03-20 theodicy [en] theodicy pronunciation votes
2012-03-20 Keynesianism [en] Keynesianism pronunciation votes
2012-03-20 inspire [en] inspire pronunciation 4 votes Best pronunciation
2012-03-20 wire [en] wire pronunciation 1 votes
2011-02-22 logistic [en] logistic pronunciation votes
2011-02-22 malarkey [en] malarkey pronunciation votes
2011-02-21 layering [en] layering pronunciation votes
2011-02-21 ere [en] ere pronunciation votes
2011-02-21 consequent [en] consequent pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-12-29 Maundy Thursday [en] Maundy Thursday pronunciation votes
2010-12-29 maddeningly [en] maddeningly pronunciation votes
2010-12-29 maddening [en] maddening pronunciation votes
2010-12-28 exasperatedly [en] exasperatedly pronunciation votes
2010-12-28 dependability [en] dependability pronunciation votes
2010-12-28 percentile [en] percentile pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2010-12-28 exemplariness [en] exemplariness pronunciation votes
2010-12-26 corduroy [en] corduroy pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-12-26 jalousies [en] jalousies pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
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Possible influences on pronunciation: Native English speaker, raised in suburban Cleveland, Ohio. Father a native English speaker, German-American, from Cleveland for several generations. Mother a native English speaker from Bombay, India. After high school, lived outside Chicago and New York City.

Sex: Female

Accent/country: United States


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