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Date Word Listen Votes
2010-03-31 teach [en] teach pronunciation 6 votes
2010-03-31 skeptic [en] skeptic pronunciation 1 votes
2010-03-31 Nelson [en] Nelson pronunciation 1 votes
2010-03-31 Rod of Asclepius [en] Rod of Asclepius pronunciation -1 votes
2010-03-31 Hipple [en] Hipple pronunciation 0 votes
2010-03-31 Charlene [en] Charlene pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2010-03-30 Adrienne [en] Adrienne pronunciation 3 votes
2010-03-30 Eaden [en] Eaden pronunciation 0 votes
2010-03-30 Micah Black [en] Micah Black pronunciation 0 votes

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I teach French at an American high school.

Gender: Female

Accent/country: United States

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