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2010-12-12 teeny bopper [en] teeny bopper pronunciation By escott6371
2010-12-12 Devin Star Tales [en] Devin Star Tales pronunciation 0 votes
2010-11-30 Gray Fox [en] Gray Fox pronunciation 0 votes
2010-11-30 Malt-o-Meal [en] Malt-o-Meal pronunciation By chewton
2010-10-23 Castellanos [es] Castellanos pronunciation By markitous
2010-10-22 Rhombicuboctahedron [en] Rhombicuboctahedron pronunciation By xyzzyva
2010-10-20 yen [ja] yen pronunciation By yuzuru
2010-10-20 hikan [ja] hikan pronunciation 0 votes
2010-10-18 thaumaturgy [en] thaumaturgy pronunciation By wkshimself
2010-10-17 Beedrill [en] Beedrill pronunciation By jpataki
2010-10-17 Weedle [en] Weedle pronunciation By rae_gun
2010-10-17 Butterfree [en] Butterfree pronunciation 0 votes
2010-10-17 Charmeleon [en] Charmeleon pronunciation 0 votes
2010-10-17 Blastoise [en] Blastoise pronunciation 0 votes
2010-10-17 Professor X [en] Professor X pronunciation 0 votes
2010-10-17 Dr. Strange [en] Dr. Strange pronunciation By swz119
2010-10-16 snookie [en] snookie pronunciation By Dimac
2010-10-16 conchoidal [en] conchoidal pronunciation By mattpsy
2010-10-16 nuphar [en] nuphar pronunciation By andrewbl
2010-10-16 nisus [en] nisus pronunciation By andrewbl
2010-10-16 lotic [en] lotic pronunciation By andrewbl
2010-10-16 quarrian [en] quarrian pronunciation By mattpsy
2010-10-16 astatic [en] astatic pronunciation By mattpsy

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