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2010-09-29 Bourrée alla polacca [it] Bourrée alla polacca pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-29 Dese [it] Dese pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-29 Piombino Dese [it] Piombino Dese pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-29 Villa Cornaro [it] Villa Cornaro pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-29 Villa Emo [it] Villa Emo pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-29 Lonedo [it] Lonedo pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-29 barberio [it] barberio pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-28 tereno [eo] tereno pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-28 tempio [eo] tempio pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-28 terbio [eo] terbio pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-28 terebinto [eo] terebinto pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-28 teraso [eo] teraso pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-28 terapio [eo] terapio pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-28 terabitoko [eo] terabitoko pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-28 teologo [eo] teologo pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-28 tenoro [eo] tenoro pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-28 teniso [eo] teniso pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-28 tendo [eo] tendo pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-28 tendaro [eo] tendaro pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-28 Bel raggio lusinghier [it] Bel raggio lusinghier pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-09-28 person-a [pms] person-a pronunciation -1 votes
2010-09-28 gnaro [lmo] gnaro pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-28 Allah [it] Allah pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-28 Aidomaggiore [it] Aidomaggiore pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-09-26 Sorì Tildin [pms] Sorì Tildin pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-26 Sorì Tildin [it] Sorì Tildin pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-26 Alvito [it] Alvito pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-26 Villa Russiz [it] Villa Russiz pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-26 Paitin [it] Paitin pronunciation 0 votes
2010-09-26 Russiz [it] Russiz pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
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User's info

I am very fond of languages, and I will add pronunciation requests in many of them.

On the other hand, I don't want to pollute Forvo with "foreign" pronunciations and I will basically pronounce words only in Italian and in Esperanto: the former is my native language, and I am fully proficient in the latter.

I was born in Lombardy and I lived in Piedmont and Friuli-Venezia Giulia also, but Tuscany is the place where I have been spending most of my life. So, I pronounce Italian words, here and in my everyday life, as close to Tuscan standard as I can. I have trained myself to follow Tuscan phonology, with seven vowel phonemes, syntactic gemination, and so on, but some prosodic and articulatory habits still betray my Northern origin. All this sums up to a rather neutral "General Italian" accent.

I have been using Esperanto for years in all situations. My pronunciation is Italian-colored, but I try to keep it as clear and internationally acceptable as possible.

Occasionally, I will also pronounce words in Lombard, which was my father's native language, or in other languages of Northern Italy I have been exposed to during my life. I will try my best, but those can only be considered semi-native pronunciations.

Gender: Male

Accent/country: Italy

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