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2011-07-01 Rana Travels [en] Rana Travels pronunciation 0 votes
2011-07-01 William Kurtz Wimsatt [en] William Kurtz Wimsatt pronunciation 0 votes
2011-07-01 Elvesham [en] Elvesham pronunciation 0 votes
2011-07-01 Hemarthrosis [en] Hemarthrosis pronunciation 0 votes
2011-07-01 louring [en] louring pronunciation 0 votes
2011-06-30 two [en] two pronunciation -1 votes
2011-06-30 too [en] too pronunciation 1 votes
2011-06-30 caribou [en] caribou pronunciation 0 votes
2011-06-30 pasta [en] pasta pronunciation 1 votes
2011-06-30 sorry [en] sorry pronunciation 0 votes
2011-06-30 Icelandic [en] Icelandic pronunciation 1 votes
2011-06-30 Atlantis [en] Atlantis pronunciation 0 votes
2011-06-30 fairies [en] fairies pronunciation 0 votes
2011-06-30 superfluous [en] superfluous pronunciation -2 votes
2011-06-30 Estreham [en] Estreham pronunciation 0 votes
2011-06-30 Julius Katchen [en] Julius Katchen pronunciation 0 votes

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I am a Canadian who has been self-studying Japanese for about 4 years. When I reach an advanced level in Japanese, I plan to learn Gaelic*, Cantonese and Esperanto - among other things. When I learn Esperanto, I am going to challenge myself to learn it in 6 weeks (or 6 weeks to 3 months maximum).

*If you did not know, "Gaelic" refers to the Gaelic language spoken in Scotland, the Gaelic language spoken in Ireland is called "Irish"



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Accent/country: Canada

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