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2010-01-21 apoptosis [en] apoptosis pronunciation 3 votes Best pronunciation
2010-01-20 larva [en] larva pronunciation By trice
2010-01-20 fruitfly [en] fruitfly pronunciation 0 votes
2009-12-17 poutine [en] poutine pronunciation 3 votes
2009-12-17 undeniable [en] undeniable pronunciation By TopQuark
2009-11-29 transgenic [en] transgenic pronunciation 0 votes
2009-11-02 Roncesvalles Avenue [en] Roncesvalles Avenue pronunciation 0 votes
2009-11-02 Eglinton [en] Eglinton pronunciation 0 votes
2009-10-27 houses [en] houses pronunciation By migueld

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Born and raised in Toronto, Canada in 1971. I have a Ph.D in biological sciences, specifically genetics and cell biology.

I try to pronounce words as I would in everyday speech rather than fully enunciated. I speak with a West/Central Canadian accent. It is rhotic (final "R" pronounced), I pronounce cot-caught and Mary-merry-marry the same. I also speak with a Canadian Rising -- the vowel sound of "house" and "houses" is different and is the source of the amusing (yet incorrect) belief that Canadians pronounce "out and about" as "oot and aboot"; Wikipedia has a good article on this.

Gender: Male

Accent/country: Canada

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