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2012-05-09 Julietta [fr] Julietta pronunciation By Pat91
2011-09-17 Leopold von Sacher-Masoch [de] Leopold von Sacher-Masoch pronunciation By independentgentleman
2011-05-06 dum spiro spero [la] dum spiro spero pronunciation By Britomart
2011-05-06 pecunia non olet [la] pecunia non olet pronunciation By Britomart
2011-04-22 volenti non fit iniuria [la] volenti non fit iniuria pronunciation By Rodericus
2011-03-30 brzytwa Ockhama [pl] brzytwa Ockhama pronunciation By Mirek
2010-11-24 cave ne cadas [la] cave ne cadas pronunciation By Britomart
2010-10-27 laminowane [pl] laminowane pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2010-10-20 errare humanum est [la] errare humanum est pronunciation By MrsHide
2010-07-18 Licentia poetica [la] Licentia poetica pronunciation By Megale91
2010-07-02 specialize [en] specialize pronunciation By bertdanger

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