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2014-03-12 Matrasserie [fr] Matrasserie pronunciation By Pat91
2012-10-12 chouigner [fr] chouigner pronunciation 0 votes
2012-10-12 ramasse-bourrier [fr] ramasse-bourrier pronunciation By BergerBlanc
2012-10-12 jackeen [en] jackeen pronunciation 0 votes
2012-10-12 bogman [en] bogman pronunciation 0 votes
2012-10-12 Beamer [en] Beamer pronunciation 0 votes
2012-10-08 Loctudi [br] Loctudi pronunciation By mackinle
2012-10-08 Tudi [br] Tudi pronunciation By mackinle
2012-10-08 Pornizh [br] Pornizh pronunciation By mackinle
2012-10-06 B&B [en] B&B pronunciation 0 votes
2012-10-03 board games [en] board games pronunciation 0 votes
2012-10-03 joyrider [en] joyrider pronunciation By bootsie358
2012-10-03 banjax [en] banjax pronunciation 0 votes
2012-10-03 doppelganger [fr] doppelganger pronunciation By Pat91
2012-10-03 role-playing [en] role-playing pronunciation By trice
2012-10-01 caca d'oie [fr] caca d'oie pronunciation By ecureuil
2012-10-01 Shiite [fr] Shiite pronunciation By ecureuil
2012-09-29 Åland [fi] Åland pronunciation By TimothyTheFinn
2012-09-29 létal [fr] létal pronunciation By mirabelle7
2012-09-29 mortel [fr] mortel pronunciation By mirabelle7

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