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2012-11-01 rembobinage [fr] rembobinage pronunciation By Pat91
2012-10-31 umweltfeindlich [de] umweltfeindlich pronunciation By Thonatas
2012-10-27 jotter [sco] jotter pronunciation 0 votes
2012-10-18 Ogre [en] Ogre pronunciation 0 votes
2012-10-18 barmcake [en] barmcake pronunciation 0 votes
2012-10-18 Featherstonhaw [en] Featherstonhaw pronunciation 0 votes
2012-10-15 broyeur [fr] broyeur pronunciation By lilie45

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I speak English with a mild East coast Scottish accent - I grew up near Edinburgh but then moved to England in my late teens. I also speak German with a slight Austrian accent.

Gender: Female

Accent/country: United Kingdom

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