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Date Word Listen Votes
2010-12-19 Plugin [en] Plugin pronunciation votes
2010-09-12 scrapbook [en] scrapbook pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-09-10 fratricidal [en] fratricidal pronunciation votes
2010-09-10 firstborn [en] firstborn pronunciation votes
2010-09-08 Shasta [en] Shasta pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-09-07 demeaning [en] demeaning pronunciation votes
2010-09-07 defend [en] defend pronunciation votes
2010-09-05 Norma Jeane Baker [en] Norma Jeane Baker pronunciation votes
2010-09-05 anesthetic [en] anesthetic pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-09-05 helipad [en] helipad pronunciation votes
2010-09-03 kidding [en] kidding pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2010-09-01 cyanogen [en] cyanogen pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-08-31 Pride and Prejudice [en] Pride and Prejudice pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-29 end run [en] end run pronunciation votes
2010-08-25 stevedore [en] stevedore pronunciation 1 votes
2010-08-25 anthropoid [en] anthropoid pronunciation votes
2010-08-25 alms [en] alms pronunciation -1 votes
2010-08-24 takeoff [en] takeoff pronunciation votes
2010-08-23 formfitting [en] formfitting pronunciation votes
2010-08-20 unlace [en] unlace pronunciation votes
2010-08-18 undies [en] undies pronunciation votes
2010-08-18 inflate [en] inflate pronunciation votes
2010-08-18 inflatable [en] inflatable pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-08-18 girly [en] girly pronunciation votes
2010-08-18 artificial [en] artificial pronunciation 1 votes
2010-08-18 trippy [en] trippy pronunciation votes
2010-08-16 razor-blade [en] razor-blade pronunciation 3 votes Best pronunciation
2010-08-16 hairdrier [en] hairdrier pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-08-15 hairbrushes [en] hairbrushes pronunciation votes
2010-08-13 unrounded [en] unrounded pronunciation votes
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Born in Nebraska, I've lived in the San Francisco area for more than 50 years.
I still retain a few mid-west characteristics in my accent. For example, for my younger siblings "cot" and "caught" rhyme (in typical California style). But my older siblings and I distingush those vowels in mid-west style.

Sex: Male

Accent/country: United States


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