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2012-01-02 memoir [en] memoir pronunciation By kaffy
2012-01-01 Vredens dag [da] Vredens dag pronunciation By Prelude
2012-01-01 cinematography [en] cinematography pronunciation By TopQuark
2011-12-17 الوهّابية [ar] الوهّابية pronunciation By samarhigazi
2011-12-13 adventstijd [nl] adventstijd pronunciation By Finnguala
2011-12-13 werknemer [nl] werknemer pronunciation By Finnguala
2011-12-13 Bestuhlung [de] Bestuhlung pronunciation 0 votes
2011-12-12 Fraktionssitzung [de] Fraktionssitzung pronunciation 0 votes
2011-12-08 FIFA [de] FIFA pronunciation 0 votes
2011-12-05 Enhedslisten – De rød-grønne [da] Enhedslisten – De rød-grønne pronunciation By lexibexi
2011-11-30 شماغ [ar] شماغ pronunciation By jasmen
2011-11-11 霸王別姬 [zh] 霸王別姬 pronunciation By fangjiao
2011-11-05 sogn [da] sogn pronunciation By olfine
2011-11-05 Varde Kommune [da] Varde Kommune pronunciation By olfine
2011-10-21 Oplysningstiden [da] Oplysningstiden pronunciation By hendel
2011-10-09 Henry Cecil Kennedy Wyld [en] Henry Cecil Kennedy Wyld pronunciation By r2y2a2n
2011-10-09 Hódmezővásárhely-Kutasi puszta [hu] Hódmezővásárhely-Kutasi puszta pronunciation By Frankie
2011-10-08 Carl Mørck [da] Carl Mørck pronunciation By Consuela
2011-10-07 sperrte [de] sperrte pronunciation 0 votes
2011-10-03 Abdullah Çatlı [tr] Abdullah Çatlı pronunciation By wubzylivesinatree
2011-10-03 Ali Haydar Yıldız [tr] Ali Haydar Yıldız pronunciation By wubzylivesinatree
2011-10-03 Kubilay Demirkaya [tr] Kubilay Demirkaya pronunciation By wubzylivesinatree
2011-10-03 Ülkü ocakları [tr] Ülkü ocakları pronunciation By wubzylivesinatree
2011-10-03 Demokrat Parti [tr] Demokrat Parti pronunciation By aysaysbeybi
2011-10-03 MHP [tr] MHP pronunciation By wubzylivesinatree
2011-10-03 Bozkurtçular [tr] Bozkurtçular pronunciation By wubzylivesinatree
2011-05-17 router (computing) [en] router (computing) pronunciation By TopQuark
2011-05-09 5 [tr] 5 pronunciation By T1000
2011-05-04 formatter [en] formatter pronunciation By torre_farvo
2011-04-27 Kopfnuss [de] Kopfnuss pronunciation 0 votes

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