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2014-11-11 rue [fr] rue pronunciation 0 votes
2014-10-13 citoyenneté [fr] citoyenneté pronunciation 0 votes
2014-05-10 saveurs [fr] saveurs pronunciation 0 votes
2014-04-12 l'ananas [fr] l'ananas pronunciation 0 votes
2013-12-11 deux ours [fr] deux ours pronunciation -1 votes
2013-12-11 douze heures [fr] douze heures pronunciation 0 votes
2013-11-28 soixante minutes [fr] soixante minutes pronunciation 1 votes
2013-11-21 humoresque [fr] humoresque pronunciation 0 votes
2013-11-21 dépot de pain [fr] dépot de pain pronunciation 0 votes
2013-11-21 le serveur [fr] le serveur pronunciation 1 votes
2013-10-29 voiture [fr] voiture pronunciation -1 votes
2013-10-28 faire usage [fr] faire usage pronunciation 0 votes
2013-10-28 le cadeau [fr] le cadeau pronunciation 0 votes
2013-09-04 Elle s'appelle Céline [fr] Elle s'appelle Céline pronunciation 0 votes
2013-09-04 comment s'appelle-t-elle [fr] comment s'appelle-t-elle pronunciation 0 votes
2013-09-04 Monsieur [fr] Monsieur pronunciation -1 votes
2013-06-14 d'ouvrir [fr] d'ouvrir pronunciation 0 votes
2013-06-14 surtout [fr] surtout pronunciation 3 votes
2013-06-07 catastrophes [fr] catastrophes pronunciation 0 votes
2013-06-07 récentes [fr] récentes pronunciation 0 votes
2013-06-04 l'usine [fr] l'usine pronunciation 0 votes
2013-05-31 Michäel [fr] Michäel pronunciation 0 votes
2013-05-28 Loulette [fr] Loulette pronunciation 0 votes
2013-05-23 catin [fr] catin pronunciation 0 votes
2013-05-23 entre-temps [fr] entre-temps pronunciation 0 votes
2013-05-23 l'esprit [fr] l'esprit pronunciation 0 votes
2013-05-21 œil [fr] œil pronunciation 1 votes
2013-05-21 écureuil [fr] écureuil pronunciation 0 votes
2013-05-08 n'attrapaient pas [fr] n'attrapaient pas pronunciation -1 votes
2013-04-22 figurez [fr] figurez pronunciation 0 votes
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Hey, you!

I am fascinated by languages and their role in human communication. I live in Paris, and I also spend time in New York.

My mother tongue is French, but I also speak English and I learn different accents and dialects that come with my profession. I also learned Romanian , Latin, and Spanish, and I am on a quest to perfecting my standard English (if someone wonders, yes, there is such a thing) :)

I am happy to help you pronounce the French words, as I know how much work it is involved when you try to get a foreign language right.

If you want to learn or improve your French, take a look at my website.

Kudos on your hard work!

Gender: Female

Accent/country: France


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