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2013-09-16 ಮದ್ಯ [kn] ಮದ್ಯ pronunciation By skasi
2013-02-08 pitches [en] pitches pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2013-02-08 choker [en] choker pronunciation 0 votes
2013-02-08 gorp [en] gorp pronunciation 0 votes
2013-02-08 lilting [en] lilting pronunciation By TopQuark
2013-02-08 vouched [en] vouched pronunciation 0 votes
2013-02-08 scoped [en] scoped pronunciation 0 votes
2013-02-08 yoking [en] yoking pronunciation 0 votes
2012-07-18 Historia Regum Britanniae [la] Historia Regum Britanniae pronunciation By dorabora
2012-07-08 táltos [hu] táltos pronunciation By wannyy
2012-07-08 challengers [en] challengers pronunciation By trice

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