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2011-05-30 نميدونم [fa] نميدونم pronunciation By azadazadazadi
2010-04-02 Φώτης [el] Φώτης pronunciation By peri22b
2010-03-10 لاحياة لمن تنادي [ar] لاحياة لمن تنادي pronunciation By jasmen
2010-01-27 Schnappi [de] Schnappi pronunciation By Nordlys
2010-01-10 قهوة أمريكية [ar] قهوة أمريكية pronunciation By jasmen

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I am from northern New Jersey and have spent all but maybe a year there since I was born in Delaware. So I've pretty much got the Jersey thing down. And no, we don't say "joisee," it's okay.

I took two years of Arabic in my university, so... I think that's probably what I'll be running around requesting all the time...

Gender: Female

Accent/country: United States

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