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2014-10-14 Need For Speed [en] Need For Speed pronunciation 0 votes
2014-10-14 help [en] help pronunciation 0 votes
2014-10-05 Ponchatoula [en] Ponchatoula pronunciation 0 votes
2014-10-05 transferee [en] transferee pronunciation 0 votes
2014-10-04 Kenner [en] Kenner pronunciation 0 votes
2014-09-27 netshoes [en] netshoes pronunciation 0 votes
2014-09-27 that'd [en] that'd pronunciation 0 votes
2014-09-13 not at all [en] not at all pronunciation 0 votes
2014-09-04 Luxembourg [en] Luxembourg pronunciation 1 votes
2014-09-04 Portugal [en] Portugal pronunciation 0 votes
2014-09-04 Iceland [en] Iceland pronunciation 1 votes
2014-09-04 essential [en] essential pronunciation 1 votes
2014-09-04 Flemish [en] Flemish pronunciation 0 votes
2014-09-04 delicious [en] delicious pronunciation 2 votes
2014-09-04 coral reef [en] coral reef pronunciation 0 votes
2014-09-04 conventionalized [en] conventionalized pronunciation 0 votes
2014-09-04 there's [en] there's pronunciation 0 votes
2014-09-04 sector [en] sector pronunciation 1 votes
2014-09-04 Finland [en] Finland pronunciation 1 votes
2014-09-04 Industrial Revolution [en] Industrial Revolution pronunciation 1 votes
2014-09-04 evensong [en] evensong pronunciation 0 votes
2014-09-04 marigold [en] marigold pronunciation 0 votes
2014-09-04 Sophia [en] Sophia pronunciation 1 votes
2014-09-04 Maya [en] Maya pronunciation 0 votes
2014-09-04 Sawyer [en] Sawyer pronunciation 1 votes
2014-09-04 Ireland [en] Ireland pronunciation 0 votes
2014-09-04 love [en] love pronunciation -1 votes
2014-09-04 Skylie [en] Skylie pronunciation 0 votes
2014-09-04 storm [en] storm pronunciation 0 votes
2014-09-04 moon [en] moon pronunciation 0 votes
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Hello there. My name is Jessica Morgan Schultz, and I was born and raised in Harahan, Louisiana, which is fairly nearby New Orleans.

I am 16 years old, and I enjoy using this website to submit my pronunciations, and I also enjoy hearing how things are pronounced around the world, different countries, and different towns.

I am not completely sure how to define my accent, though my accent is quite distinctive in some ways from most natives of my town.

My family has ancestry of German, Italian, French, Dutch, and Italian.

Thank you for visiting my profile. Have a good day, ladies and gentlemen. ^^

Sex: Female

Accent/country: United States

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