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2011-07-07 септицемия [ru] септицемия pronunciation 0 votes
2008-10-24 адрес [ru] адрес pronunciation -1 votes
2008-10-24 аэропорт [ru] аэропорт pronunciation 0 votes
2008-10-24 привет [ru] привет pronunciation 1 votes
2008-10-04 Қызылорда [kk] Қызылорда pronunciation 0 votes
2008-10-04 Қайырлы таң [kk] Қайырлы таң pronunciation 3 votes Best pronunciation
2008-10-04 до свидания [ru] до свидания pronunciation -2 votes
2008-10-03 Казахстан [ru] Казахстан pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2008-10-03 айналайын [kk] айналайын pronunciation 0 votes
2008-10-03 Сәлеметсіз бе! [kk] Сәлеметсіз бе! pronunciation 0 votes
2008-10-03 Кешіріңіз [kk] Кешіріңіз pronunciation 0 votes
2008-10-03 Сау болыңыз [kk] Сау болыңыз pronunciation 0 votes
2008-10-03 Сәлем! [kk] Сәлем! pronunciation 0 votes
2008-10-03 Қалыңыз қалай? [kk] Қалыңыз қалай? pronunciation 0 votes
2008-10-03 Рахмет [kk] Рахмет pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation

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Hello. Zdravstvuite. Bienvenue. Je m'appelle Guliya. I live in Canada. Je suis Kazakh. Ma langue maternelle est Russe. I speak English as my second native language. Je parle assez bien Francais, aussi. I also speak a little (kishkene) Kazakh und Deutsch am wenig ;-) I am INTJ and have IQ 135. Thanks for listening!

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Accent/country: Canada

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