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2012-04-27 incept [en] incept pronunciation By bananaman
2012-04-27 rhapsodize [en] rhapsodize pronunciation By TopQuark
2012-04-27 astrogeology [en] astrogeology pronunciation By pkbowers5581
2012-03-06 serena [en] serena pronunciation 0 votes
2012-03-06 unhygienic [en] unhygienic pronunciation 0 votes
2012-03-05 obumbrative [en] obumbrative pronunciation 0 votes
2012-03-05 remou [fr] remou pronunciation By Kenji75018
2012-03-05 commonality [en] commonality pronunciation By TopQuark

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I'm a fiction writer with a strong interest in the sciences when I'm not immersing myself in languages and etymology.

I grew up in the central United States, with occasional visits to family in London.

Gender: Female

Accent/country: United States

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