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2009-11-17 tightly [en] tightly pronunciation By TopQuark
2009-11-17 escribano [es] escribano pronunciation 0 votes
2009-11-17 cíclicamente [es] cíclicamente pronunciation 0 votes
2009-11-17 eludir [es] eludir pronunciation 0 votes
2009-11-17 instintivo [es] instintivo pronunciation 0 votes
2009-11-17 homogéneo [es] homogéneo pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2009-11-17 flies [en] flies pronunciation By hajenso
2009-11-17 watches [en] watches pronunciation By hajenso
2009-11-17 surname [en] surname pronunciation By ecro
2009-11-17 cafetera [es] cafetera pronunciation 0 votes
2009-11-17 hundido [es] hundido pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2009-11-17 Pindio [es] Pindio pronunciation By pleitecas
2009-11-16 migraña [es] migraña pronunciation 0 votes
2009-11-16 alborada [es] alborada pronunciation 0 votes
2009-11-16 olvidadizo [es] olvidadizo pronunciation 0 votes
2009-11-16 histérica [es] histérica pronunciation 0 votes
2009-11-16 inestable [es] inestable pronunciation 0 votes
2009-11-16 escurrir [es] escurrir pronunciation By stevengaga
2009-11-16 enemistad [es] enemistad pronunciation 0 votes

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