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2011-01-24 Valley of the Shadow of Death [en] Valley of the Shadow of Death pronunciation 0 votes
2011-01-24 Genesis [en] Genesis pronunciation 1 votes
2011-01-24 The Four Horsemen [en] The Four Horsemen pronunciation 0 votes
2011-01-24 industrialization [en] industrialization pronunciation 0 votes
2011-01-24 too dumb to pour piss out of a boot [en] too dumb to pour piss out of a boot pronunciation 0 votes
2011-01-24 headscarf [en] headscarf pronunciation 0 votes
2011-01-24 craniology [en] craniology pronunciation 0 votes
2011-01-24 crikey [en] crikey pronunciation 0 votes
2010-11-04 Ireland [en] Ireland pronunciation 0 votes
2010-11-04 Australia [en] Australia pronunciation 0 votes
2010-11-04 go fuck yourself [en] go fuck yourself pronunciation 1 votes
2010-11-04 England [en] England pronunciation 0 votes
2010-11-04 furry [en] furry pronunciation 0 votes
2010-11-04 phrases [en] phrases pronunciation 1 votes
2010-11-04 globalization [en] globalization pronunciation 0 votes
2010-11-04 sarsaparilla [en] sarsaparilla pronunciation 0 votes

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I live in england, but i'm from newtownards in northern ireland.
raised in germany for more than half my life, ive had a mixed accent growing up, seeming to jump between irish, english, afrikaan (strangely enough i feel most comfortable with my afrikaan english accent), german or australian

Sex: Male

Accent/country: United Kingdom

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