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2014-07-09 포항스틸러스 [ko] 포항스틸러스 pronunciation By powerkongbo
2014-07-09 전남드래곤스 [ko] 전남드래곤스 pronunciation By hoi030311
2014-07-09 bandari [sw] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-07-09 Afrika [is] Afrika pronunciation By addihetja
2014-07-09 Mídas [is] Mídas pronunciation By addihetja
2014-07-09 Höttur [is] Höttur pronunciation By addihetja
2014-07-09 Leiknir [is] Leiknir pronunciation By addihetja
2014-07-09 Svay Rieng [km] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-07-09 Muktijoddha [bn] Muktijoddha pronunciation By Srimoti
2014-07-09 Abahani [bn] Abahani pronunciation By Srimoti
2014-07-09 Northcote [en] Northcote pronunciation By katiesweeney
2014-07-09 Rionegro [es] Rionegro pronunciation By opiza
2014-07-09 Millonarios [es] Millonarios pronunciation By opiza
2014-07-09 Llaneros [es] Llaneros pronunciation By opiza
2014-04-18 Saint Helier [fr] Saint Helier pronunciation By Pat91
2013-10-20 Grasshopper Zürich [de] Grasshopper Zürich pronunciation By Bartleby
2013-10-20 Sportvereniging [nl] Sportvereniging pronunciation By Pralien
2013-10-20 ΠΑΟΚ [el] ΠΑΟΚ pronunciation By peri22b
2013-10-20 FK Austria Wien [de] FK Austria Wien pronunciation By Bartleby
2013-10-20 დინამო [ka] დინამო pronunciation By Nata1511
2013-10-20 თბილისის [ka] თბილისის pronunciation By crewgrant
2013-10-20 Лудогорец [bg] Лудогорец pronunciation By bulgarialovesyou
2013-10-20 slovan [sk] slovan pronunciation By albiva
2013-10-20 шахтёр [kk] шахтёр pronunciation By Arystan
2013-10-20 Караганда [ru] Караганда pronunciation By skab
2013-10-20 Barysaw [en] Barysaw pronunciation By sdoerr
2013-10-20 Fola Esch [lb] Fola Esch pronunciation By piral58
2013-10-20 Ard Eoin [ga] Ard Eoin pronunciation By BridEilis
2013-10-20 waterworks [en] waterworks pronunciation By wkshimself
2013-10-20 Lóiste Nua [ga] Lóiste Nua pronunciation By BridEilis
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User's info

I speak English and I am from Lanarkshire, Scotland. My accent is rather clear compared to many of the locals here. This is possibly because my mother is English, I have several non-Scottish friends and I work in customer service so I speak with people from all over the UK everyday.

Despite my ability to speak clear English, I have added quite a lot of pronunciations for 'Scots', which is the de facto language of Scotland, in the UK. It is a corruption of English, and over the years many words have been added to 'Scots' which are only used in Scotland, which makes it hard for foreigners to integrate socially in Scotland. Hopefully by knowing what these words are before coming here, you will be prepared to try to understand us better.

There is nowhere you can go to learn Scots, and there is no Scots dictionary, so expect many different spellings of the same word. It is slang which has been taken to a national level. Some Scots words have migrated into English, and are otherwise unnoticeable, like blether.

I also speak a sprinkling of Scots Gaelic (Gàidhlig) but I did not learn as a child and I will not add any pronunciations unless I am 100% sure on how to pronounce it. It's a very difficult language, and I do not fully understand how to write it or read it.

For name pronunciations I usually check online. Quite often interviews are taken with the person whose name has been requested. Some of them I know simply from familiarity with the person (Iwan Rheon for example).

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