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2015-04-12 Bernard Sesboüé [fr] Bernard Sesboüé pronunciation By Mad1
2015-03-26 animalelor [ro] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2015-03-23 пифагорейство [ru] пифагорейство pronunciation By Anna_EL
2015-03-19 раскрывшаяся [ru] раскрывшаяся pronunciation By svoit
2015-03-11 Толпыгино [ru] Толпыгино pronunciation By svoit
2015-03-08 Тыртышникова [ru] Тыртышникова pronunciation By Ruffian
2015-03-08 Тыртышников [ru] Тыртышников pronunciation By Ruffian
2015-03-03 Erich Przywara [pl] Erich Przywara pronunciation By Wojtula
2015-02-28 Зинаида Николаевна Гиппиус [ru] Зинаида Николаевна Гиппиус pronunciation By Spinster
2015-02-27 старообрядческий [ru] старообрядческий pronunciation By Spinster
2015-02-06 conzu [scn] conzu pronunciation By PasqualeFranco
2015-02-06 ncudduriatu [scn] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2015-02-06 sudda [scn] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2015-01-12 cannaliarisi [scn] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2015-01-05 приветище [ru] приветище pronunciation By rossomachin
2014-12-24 Чашникова [ru] Чашникова pronunciation By AlexanderNevzorov
2014-12-01 прокрустово ложе [ru] прокрустово ложе pronunciation By MargaritaKiuru
2014-11-29 осиротевших [ru] осиротевших pronunciation By Pifagor
2014-11-29 клавишно [ru] клавишно pronunciation By Arseniy
2014-11-22 giniusa [scn] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-11-22 spirtizza [scn] spirtizza pronunciation 0 votes
2014-11-15 Կինոնկար [hy] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-11-14 Ивченкова [ru] Ивченкова pronunciation By Enebeneraba
2014-11-10 Cella Delavrancea [ro] Cella Delavrancea pronunciation By Lilianuccia
2014-11-09 cuscuseddu [scn] cuscuseddu pronunciation 0 votes
2014-11-09 rummuliari [scn] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-11-09 sugnu [scn] sugnu pronunciation 0 votes
2014-11-09 ロフト [ja] ロフト pronunciation By sausage12
2014-11-07 Коленькова [ru] Коленькова pronunciation By MaximGB
2014-11-07 prinizza [scn] prinizza pronunciation 0 votes
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