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Date Word Pronunciation Info
2014-04-14 оправдан [ru] оправдан pronunciation By AlexanderNevzorov
2014-04-14 творит [ru] творит pronunciation By Cofein
2013-10-13 gnummuliatu [scn] gnummuliatu pronunciation 0 votes
2013-10-13 scanciari [scn] scanciari pronunciation 0 votes
2013-10-13 manigghia [scn] manigghia pronunciation 0 votes
2013-10-13 paranculu [scn] paranculu pronunciation 0 votes
2013-10-13 visula [scn] visula pronunciation 0 votes
2013-07-19 terrò [it] terrò pronunciation By Lilianuccia
2013-07-14 предстательная железа [ru] предстательная железа pronunciation By bomorda
2013-05-25 Ջութակ [hy] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2013-03-23 temendo [it] temendo pronunciation By betpao
2013-03-23 dichiarò [it] dichiarò pronunciation By betpao
2013-03-23 farò [it] farò pronunciation By betpao
2013-03-23 tutelano [it] tutelano pronunciation By betpao
2013-03-23 accantonando [it] accantonando pronunciation By betpao
2013-03-23 sradicò [it] sradicò pronunciation By betpao
2013-02-28 очень смешно [ru] очень смешно pronunciation By kotanya
2013-02-25 diritto romano [it] diritto romano pronunciation By Merida
2013-02-25 diritto fallimentare [it] diritto fallimentare pronunciation By Merida
2013-02-25 sentenziò [it] sentenziò pronunciation By Merida
2013-02-25 ripose [it] ripose pronunciation By Merida
2013-02-25 sferruzzava [it] sferruzzava pronunciation By Merida
2013-02-24 tremarono [it] tremarono pronunciation By Merida
2013-02-23 soglia di sbarramento [it] soglia di sbarramento pronunciation By Villigattone
2013-02-23 denunciarono [it] denunciarono pronunciation By Villigattone
2013-02-23 liberaste [it] liberaste pronunciation By Villigattone
2013-02-23 corpicino [it] corpicino pronunciation By Villigattone
2013-02-23 manuzza [scn] manuzza pronunciation By valguarnera
2013-02-23 occhietto [it] occhietto pronunciation By dsfjcg
2013-02-19 tradussero [it] tradussero pronunciation By nellacoccinella
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