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2014-05-22 Istepô [pt] Istepô pronunciation 0 votes
2014-05-22 legerchef [nl] legerchef pronunciation By Anoor
2013-05-03 athphósta [ga] athphósta pronunciation By BridEilis
2013-05-03 sonraigh [ga] sonraigh pronunciation By BridEilis
2013-05-03 neamhnithe [ga] neamhnithe pronunciation By BridEilis
2013-04-27 spisevaner [da] spisevaner pronunciation By deurs
2013-04-13 kyststrækning [da] kyststrækning pronunciation By Roknahr
2013-04-12 lykkedes [da] lykkedes pronunciation By HenrikH71
2013-04-12 trængte [da] trængte pronunciation By HenrikH71
2013-04-12 téarmaí íocaíochta [ga] téarmaí íocaíochta pronunciation By BridEilis
2013-04-12 íocaíocht [ga] íocaíocht pronunciation By BridEilis
2013-04-12 síntiús [ga] síntiús pronunciation By BridEilis
2013-04-12 síniú [ga] síniú pronunciation By BridEilis
2013-04-12 cód sórtála [ga] cód sórtála pronunciation By BridEilis
2013-01-03 oversætte [da] oversætte pronunciation By Schalburg
2013-01-02 indløse [da] indløse pronunciation By Schalburg
2013-01-02 kørekort [da] kørekort pronunciation By Schalburg
2013-01-02 torvedag [da] torvedag pronunciation By Schalburg
2013-01-01 køkkendøren [da] køkkendøren pronunciation By Schalburg
2013-01-01 køkkendør [da] køkkendør pronunciation By Schalburg
2013-01-01 købt [da] købt pronunciation By Schalburg
2013-01-01 vittighed [da] vittighed pronunciation By Schalburg
2012-12-28 afgang [da] afgang pronunciation By Schalburg
2012-12-28 ankomst [da] ankomst pronunciation By Schalburg
2012-12-28 Nordsøruten [da] Nordsøruten pronunciation By Schalburg
2012-12-28 nummeret [da] nummeret pronunciation By Schalburg
2012-12-28 Classicismo [pt] Classicismo pronunciation 0 votes
2012-12-28 Léquios [pt] Léquios pronunciation 0 votes
2012-12-28 pinocitose [pt] pinocitose pronunciation 0 votes
2012-12-28 adé fontó [pt] adé fontó pronunciation 0 votes
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