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2013-10-27 escalope [en] escalope pronunciation votes
2013-10-27 moussaka [en] moussaka pronunciation votes
2013-10-27 versed [en] versed pronunciation votes
2013-10-27 Newtownmountkennedy [en] Newtownmountkennedy pronunciation votes
2013-10-27 Ballinskelligs [en] Ballinskelligs pronunciation votes
2013-10-27 scallion [en] scallion pronunciation votes
2013-10-27 ambrosia [en] ambrosia pronunciation votes
2013-10-27 focussing [en] focussing pronunciation 1 votes
2013-10-27 complexness [en] complexness pronunciation 1 votes
2013-10-27 professions [en] professions pronunciation votes
2013-10-27 popgun [en] popgun pronunciation votes
2013-10-27 Sally Lunn [en] Sally Lunn pronunciation votes
2013-10-27 Beyerdynamic [en] Beyerdynamic pronunciation votes
2013-10-27 Anne Elizabeth Boyd [en] Anne Elizabeth Boyd pronunciation votes
2013-10-27 tuneup [en] tuneup pronunciation 1 votes
2013-10-27 buttercream [en] buttercream pronunciation votes
2013-10-27 counterthreat [en] counterthreat pronunciation votes
2013-10-26 panacea [en] panacea pronunciation votes
2013-10-26 narrating [en] narrating pronunciation votes
2013-10-26 Michael Furey [en] Michael Furey pronunciation votes
2013-10-26 mid-range [en] mid-range pronunciation votes
2013-10-26 rapporteur [en] rapporteur pronunciation votes
2013-10-26 butternut [en] butternut pronunciation votes
2013-10-26 Clara Bow [en] Clara Bow pronunciation votes
2013-10-26 Alan Davies [en] Alan Davies pronunciation votes
2013-10-26 Brian Dennehy [en] Brian Dennehy pronunciation votes
2013-10-26 Christopher Eccleston [en] Christopher Eccleston pronunciation votes
2013-10-26 Lilliput [en] Lilliput pronunciation votes
2013-10-26 exfoliocytology [en] exfoliocytology pronunciation votes
2013-10-26 David Geffen [en] David Geffen pronunciation votes
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I'm a native of Dublin, Ireland who currently lives in north county Dublin. Locally my accent would be considered well educated/well spoken. Two decades spent in southern England (London and Oxford) and marriage to a native of Oxfordshire have no doubt had an impact on my spoken English.

I have a degree in English and am fascinated by the language in its various forms. I would describe myself as speaking "Hiberno-English", a variation of English marked by influences in pronunciation, vocabulary and syntax from the native Irish language, Gaeilge

I'm happy to pronounce words in Irish English and British English. I generally don't pronounce words specific to locations where other forms of English are dominant and I don't vote on such pronunciations. It does make me smile when I see non-native speakers voting down native speakers!

Sex: Female

Accent/country: Ireland

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