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Date Word Pronunciation Info
2008-11-23 serendipitous [en] serendipitous pronunciation By mooncow
2008-11-05 crate [en] crate pronunciation By ignu
2008-11-03 mizzle [en] mizzle pronunciation By Sinead
2008-10-28 resignation [en] resignation pronunciation By falconfling
2008-10-28 resign [en] resign pronunciation By fordum
2008-10-28 aesthetic [en] aesthetic pronunciation By sarra
2008-10-27 pending [en] pending pronunciation By fordum
2008-10-08 Uruguay [fr] Uruguay pronunciation 2 votes
2008-10-08 Xavier [fr] Xavier pronunciation 0 votes
2008-10-06 variance [en] variance pronunciation By cab22
2008-10-06 bid [en] bid pronunciation By cab22
2008-10-06 coût [fr] coût pronunciation 0 votes
2008-10-06 paon [fr] paon pronunciation 0 votes
2008-10-06 faon [fr] faon pronunciation 0 votes
2008-10-06 choeur [fr] choeur pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-10-06 parent [fr] parent pronunciation 1 votes
2008-10-06 serpent [fr] serpent pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation

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