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Date Word Pronunciation Info
2015-01-14 Κετίγνη [el] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2015-01-14 Cettigne [it] Cettigne pronunciation By giorgiospizzi
2015-01-12 Chattahoochee River [en] Chattahoochee River pronunciation By tipit
2015-01-12 St. Marks [en] St. Marks pronunciation By tipit
2015-01-12 Fort Pickens [en] Fort Pickens pronunciation By tipit
2015-01-12 Fort Gadsden [en] Fort Gadsden pronunciation By Keiora
2015-01-12 Cedar Key [en] Cedar Key pronunciation By tipit
2015-01-12 Barbaros Hayreddin Paşa [tr] Barbaros Hayreddin Paşa pronunciation By Haggadah
2015-01-12 خير الدين بربروس [ar] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2015-01-12 Lega di Smalcalda [it] Lega di Smalcalda pronunciation By Annavox
2015-01-12 Foedus Smalcaldicum [la] Foedus Smalcaldicum pronunciation By sicerabibax
2015-01-12 Ligue de Smalkalde [fr] Ligue de Smalkalde pronunciation By Domigloup
2015-01-11 Luther rose [en] Luther rose pronunciation By tipit
2015-01-11 Rosa di Lutero [it] Rosa di Lutero pronunciation By Lilianuccia
2015-01-11 Rose de Luther [fr] Rose de Luther pronunciation By Domigloup
2015-01-11 Lutherrose [de] Lutherrose pronunciation By Bartleby
2015-01-11 اتحاد شمالكالدي [ar] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2015-01-11 Union Springs [en] Union Springs pronunciation By sjclark
2015-01-11 Greenville [en] Greenville pronunciation By SorenV
2015-01-11 Demopolis [en] Demopolis pronunciation By JayTea
2015-01-11 Alabama River [en] Alabama River pronunciation By sjclark
2015-01-10 Kittyhawk [en] Kittyhawk pronunciation By dorabora
2015-01-10 Sonia [en] Sonia pronunciation By truesand
2015-01-10 Claude [en] Claude pronunciation By kstone11
2015-01-10 Mingaladon [my] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2015-01-10 แม่สะเรียง [th] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2015-01-10 Siam [en] Siam pronunciation By truesand
2015-01-10 Toungoo [my] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2015-01-10 zigon [my] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2015-01-10 Prome [my] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation

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