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2014-11-22 Chivenor [en] Chivenor pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-26 protestor [en] protestor pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-26 protester [en] protester pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-08-07 methotrexate [en] methotrexate pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2010-08-07 neutropoietin [en] neutropoietin pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-08-07 complementarity [en] complementarity pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-07 serotherapy [en] serotherapy pronunciation 0 votes
2010-05-19 twelfths [en] twelfths pronunciation 0 votes
2010-05-19 semiconductor [en] semiconductor pronunciation 0 votes

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You hear a lot of people with voices like mine in London and the south of England.

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