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Date Word Pronunciation Info
2014-10-08 patka [pa] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2013-09-03 Fichtel [de] Fichtel pronunciation By josef1
2012-02-17 Ramsadeen [hi] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2011-06-30 Purugganan [tl] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2011-04-30 Pääbo [sv] Pääbo pronunciation By ret001
2010-11-07 triclosan [en] triclosan pronunciation By DanDanimals
2010-07-20 Maryjka [pl] Maryjka pronunciation By oskargie
2010-05-17 Eibl-Eibesfeldt [de] Eibl-Eibesfeldt pronunciation By Nordlys
2010-05-15 bogia nen [pms] bogia nen pronunciation By chobeat
2010-05-07 worricow [en] worricow pronunciation By Arn_Wendt
2010-03-20 obiettivamente [it] obiettivamente pronunciation By Paolo_B
2010-03-04 Girincs [hu] Girincs pronunciation By kardosbalint
2010-02-16 polygynandrous [en] polygynandrous pronunciation By mooncow
2009-12-04 Cannonau [sc] Cannonau pronunciation 1 votes
2009-11-15 janusian [en] janusian pronunciation By jschinn
2009-11-13 diapause [en] diapause pronunciation By LaFratta_N
2009-10-18 gound [en] gound pronunciation By stevefitch
2009-10-13 kläppe [sv] kläppe pronunciation By method
2009-10-12 bowery [en] bowery pronunciation By hajenso
2009-10-06 Wahlund [sv] Wahlund pronunciation By camelkebab
2009-09-25 schmaltz [yi] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2009-09-25 schlong [yi] schlong pronunciation By dnfleish
2009-08-29 ea [sc] ea pronunciation 0 votes
2009-08-29 accabadora [sc] accabadora pronunciation 0 votes
2009-08-29 pedralana [sc] pedralana pronunciation 0 votes
2009-08-26 Norcia [it] Norcia pronunciation 0 votes
2009-08-23 mimosa [en] mimosa pronunciation By stevefitch
2009-07-07 新疆 [zh] 新疆 pronunciation By laogou
2009-07-07 stecca [it] stecca pronunciation 0 votes
2009-07-04 cocco [it] cocco pronunciation 0 votes
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I'm from Sassari, but here I do my best to follow a "standard" Italian pronunciation.
I currently live in the US.

Gender: Male

Accent/country: Italy


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