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2014-08-07 Voskopojë [sq] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2012-12-08 ħut saħara [mt] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2012-12-08 魔法使い [ja] 魔法使い pronunciation By kuribou
2012-12-08 魔女 [ja] 魔女 pronunciation By kuribou
2012-12-08 shtrigˆë [sq] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2012-12-08 magjistare [sq] magjistare pronunciation By deni7
2012-01-10 Dinard [fr] Dinard pronunciation By Kenji75018
2011-12-29 བར་དོ་ཐོས་གྲོལ [bo] བར་དོ་ཐོས་གྲོལ pronunciation By awangsuolang
2011-04-20 Grau du Roi [fr] Grau du Roi pronunciation By hendialys
2011-03-15 quaghebeur [fr] quaghebeur pronunciation By spl0uf
2011-03-01 Ulcinj [sr] Ulcinj pronunciation By Nikola
2011-02-14 soursop [en] soursop pronunciation By jackabrams
2011-01-30 Berdoues [fr] Berdoues pronunciation By spl0uf
2010-12-19 Alba an Aigh [gd] Alba an Aigh pronunciation By Muirismac
2010-12-19 Flùr na h-Alba [gd] Flùr na h-Alba pronunciation By Muirismac
2010-12-18 Sigurimi [sq] Sigurimi pronunciation By Albanezo
2010-12-11 go deo [ga] go deo pronunciation By Brendan
2010-11-15 Nexhmije [sq] Nexhmije pronunciation By Albanezo
2010-08-04 Wisent [en] Wisent pronunciation By j_alan
2010-05-02 pachuca [es] pachuca pronunciation By oveyin
2010-05-02 liepaja [lv] liepaja pronunciation By QueenZ

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