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Date Word Pronunciation Info
2011-08-01 Vaal [nl] Vaal pronunciation By yoel
2011-08-01 kits [nl] kits pronunciation By yoel
2011-07-23 წინამძღვრიშვილი [ka] წინამძღვრიშვილი pronunciation By crewgrant
2011-04-24 Hei elei, kuck elei [lb] Hei elei, kuck elei pronunciation By marsneiland
2011-02-25 Antjie [af] Antjie pronunciation By Kschwarzer
2010-11-19 Halsband [nl] Halsband pronunciation By No_accent
2010-08-11 Dustley Mulder [nl] Dustley Mulder pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-03 kanker [nl] kanker pronunciation By Svenski
2010-07-29 vers [nl] vers pronunciation 1 votes
2010-07-29 rap [nl] rap pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-16 tube [nl] tube pronunciation By No_accent
2010-05-15 Noord-Nauw van Kales [nl] Noord-Nauw van Kales pronunciation By wacko
2010-05-03 postkaart [nl] postkaart pronunciation By Rick_Qualie
2010-04-19 ikke [nl] ikke pronunciation 0 votes
2009-07-29 Van der Graaf Generator [nl] Van der Graaf Generator pronunciation 0 votes
2009-07-27 vertel [nl] vertel pronunciation 1 votes
2009-07-27 dit [nl] dit pronunciation 0 votes
2009-07-27 kak [nl] kak pronunciation 0 votes
2009-07-27 goeiedag [nl] goeiedag pronunciation 0 votes
2009-05-28 2000 [nl] 2000 pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2009-05-27 Rijselberg [nl] Rijselberg pronunciation By Rick_Qualie
2009-05-27 Rozendaal [nl] Rozendaal pronunciation By Rick_Qualie
2009-05-27 Rubroek [nl] Rubroek pronunciation By No_accent
2009-05-27 Ruisscheure [nl] Ruisscheure pronunciation By No_accent
2009-05-27 Sint-Janskappel [nl] Sint-Janskappel pronunciation By No_accent
2009-05-27 Sint-Joris [nl] Sint-Joris pronunciation By dani4ever92
2009-05-27 Sint-Joris-aan-de-A [nl] Sint-Joris-aan-de-A pronunciation By Rick_Qualie
2009-05-27 Sint-Mariakappel [nl] Sint-Mariakappel pronunciation By Gigawebs
2009-05-27 Sint-Momelijn [nl] Sint-Momelijn pronunciation By No_accent
2009-05-27 Sint-Momelingen [nl] Sint-Momelingen pronunciation By No_accent
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