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Date Word Pronunciation Info
2011-05-14 Änglagård [sv] Änglagård pronunciation By ret001
2009-12-01 Louis de Caix d'Hervelois [fr] Louis de Caix d'Hervelois pronunciation By spl0uf
2009-10-27 Neudecker [de] Neudecker pronunciation By Nordlys
2009-09-23 Duphly [fr] Duphly pronunciation By spl0uf
2009-05-27 M'Mburugu [sw] M'Mburugu pronunciation By jkk415
2009-05-27 Eucharist [en] Eucharist pronunciation By tterrag
2009-05-16 Carl Maria von Weber [de] Carl Maria von Weber pronunciation By caracena
2009-05-14 Hohenzollern [de] Hohenzollern pronunciation By hermanthegerman
2009-05-14 Pierre Attaingnant [fr] Pierre Attaingnant pronunciation By Justyna
2009-04-11 Vinterriket [sv] Vinterriket pronunciation By tomo
2009-04-10 Rexque [la] Rexque pronunciation By gmaranca
2009-04-09 Eberhard Wächter [de] Eberhard Wächter pronunciation By Perotin
2009-03-30 Gymnopédie [fr] Gymnopédie pronunciation By spl0uf
2009-03-27 Hünxe [de] Hünxe pronunciation By Vortarulo
2009-03-25 Köthen [de] Köthen pronunciation By Vortarulo
2009-03-16 Duport [fr] Duport pronunciation By spl0uf
2009-03-13 Georg Goltermann [de] Georg Goltermann pronunciation By Vortarulo
2009-03-05 Van Volxem [nl] Van Volxem pronunciation By Scoub
2009-03-04 Cougar [en] Cougar pronunciation By helenhiccup
2009-03-04 Poland [en] Poland pronunciation 3 votes Best pronunciation
2009-03-03 Мстислав Леопольдович Ростропович [ru] Мстислав Леопольдович Ростропович pronunciation By jatl
2009-03-03 Imperialism [en] Imperialism pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2009-03-03 Imperial [en] Imperial pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2009-03-03 New England [en] New England pronunciation By csantoro
2009-03-03 Nor'easter [en] Nor'easter pronunciation 0 votes
2009-03-03 Pawtucket [en] Pawtucket pronunciation By babsrocks
2009-03-03 Dover [en] Dover pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2009-03-03 Roanoke [en] Roanoke pronunciation By JellyWobbles101
2009-03-03 Mexico [en] Mexico pronunciation 3 votes
2009-03-03 Soviet Union [en] Soviet Union pronunciation 1 votes
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