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2011-08-02 anomalies [en] anomalies pronunciation 1 votes
2011-08-02 Mayan [en] Mayan pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2011-08-02 astronauts [en] astronauts pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2011-08-02 unloading [en] unloading pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2011-08-02 running water [en] running water pronunciation 0 votes
2011-08-02 blonde [en] blonde pronunciation 2 votes
2011-08-02 crises [en] crises pronunciation 0 votes
2011-08-02 singe [en] singe pronunciation 0 votes
2011-08-02 lion-hearted [en] lion-hearted pronunciation 0 votes
2011-08-02 dichromacy [en] dichromacy pronunciation 0 votes
2011-08-02 ethnicism [en] ethnicism pronunciation 0 votes
2011-08-02 attercop [en] attercop pronunciation 0 votes

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Native English speaker, studying German, French, and Spanish, with a bit of Mandarin, and random smatterings of other languages. Linguistics student. My main dialect is North Illinois, but I for some weird reason have a lot of British vocabulary.

Gender: unknown

Accent/country: United States

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