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2012-12-22 asenappar [he] asenappar pronunciation 0 votes
2012-12-21 ruach [he] ruach pronunciation 0 votes
2012-12-21 Kiriath Jearim [he] Kiriath Jearim pronunciation 0 votes
2012-12-21 Jehovah Nissi [he] Jehovah Nissi pronunciation 0 votes

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Hebrew, and accented English :)

I try to make the words as clear as possible, (so all can benefit). Humbly we recognize Jehovah God (YHWH) as the creator of human languages, the Supreme ruler of the Universe. (Psalms 83:18)

Just want to share something from the heart! We do not have the tongue of angels, but we can still share what is good with our neighbours, with love, kindness, and humility.

King David declares: “The praise of Jehovah my mouth will speak; and let all flesh bless his holy name to time indefinite, even forever.”—Psalm 145:21

יְהוָה יִמְלֹךְ, לְעֹלָם וָעֶד
Yehowah imloch le'olam va'ed
[Jehovah will rule as king to time indefinite, even forever]

hallelu hu, mal'ach adil shael Elohim.
[Praise him, mighty angel belonging to God]

יְהוָה, אִישׁ מִלְחָמָה; יְהוָה שְׁמוֹ

My strength and song is Jehovah
Azi wezimrati-YHWH (yah)
עָזִּי וְזִמְרָתיְהוָה

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