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2010-08-10 disestablishmentarianism [en] disestablishmentarianism pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-08-10 Manukau [mi] Manukau pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-10 Otahuhu [mi] Otahuhu pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-10 Waikato [mi] Waikato pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-10 Mooloolaba [en] Mooloolaba pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-08-10 Optimus Prime [en] Optimus Prime pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-10 Decepticon [en] Decepticon pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-10 десептиконы [ru] десептиконы pronunciation By AlexanderNevzorov
2010-02-14 bell-end [en] bell-end pronunciation 0 votes
2010-02-14 fish and chips [en] fish and chips pronunciation By Briantf

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I am from New Zealand, if you want to hear any words pronounced in my accent just message me and I will add them :)

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