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2010-04-28 おなかすいた [ja] おなかすいた pronunciation By zegenvs
2010-01-11 klovni [fi] klovni pronunciation By JoyJoy
2009-12-05 言葉 [ja] 言葉 pronunciation By renad
2009-12-05 怖い [ja] 怖い pronunciation By naotokyo
2009-10-17 shiteimasu [ja] shiteimasu pronunciation By renad
2009-09-15 synkkyys [fi] synkkyys pronunciation By lupinesse
2009-09-15 kaunista [fi] kaunista pronunciation By lupinesse
2009-09-14 tekstitys [fi] tekstitys pronunciation By lupinesse
2009-05-13 madainn mhath [gd] madainn mhath pronunciation By cristean
2009-04-02 anteeksi [fi] anteeksi pronunciation By JoyJoy
2009-03-21 cashew [en] cashew pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation

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