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2012-08-31 demote [en] demote pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-31 electropulsing [en] electropulsing pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-31 cashdesk [en] cashdesk pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-29 shredder [en] shredder pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2012-08-16 DJ Urchin [en] DJ Urchin pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-16 Jonathan Haidt [en] Jonathan Haidt pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-16 Paul McNulty [en] Paul McNulty pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2012-08-16 Mike McConnell [en] Mike McConnell pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-16 frontbencher [en] frontbencher pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-16 manhole [en] manhole pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-16 overshare [en] overshare pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-16 Mark Foster [en] Mark Foster pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-16 badges [en] badges pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-16 shielding [en] shielding pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-16 Roger Bootle [en] Roger Bootle pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-16 Threadneedle [en] Threadneedle pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-16 emo [en] emo pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-16 full English breakfast [en] full English breakfast pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-16 British [en] British pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-16 Kuwait [en] Kuwait pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-16 Maiara Walsh [en] Maiara Walsh pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-15 doubleclick [en] doubleclick pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-15 Thomas Burberry [en] Thomas Burberry pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-15 Musquodoboit Harbor [en] Musquodoboit Harbor pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-15 Marilyn [en] Marilyn pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-15 quid [en] quid pronunciation 1 votes
2012-08-15 ups-a-daisy [en] ups-a-daisy pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-15 Towie [en] Towie pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-15 dear [en] dear pronunciation 0 votes
2012-08-15 slow-working [en] slow-working pronunciation 1 votes
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First of all, thanks for visiting my page!

I have a very British accent, deriving from the South West of England, also known as Devon. I wouldn't say my accent was too distinct that my pronounciation is too narrow, but I do have a unique voice, and it's nice to share our accents, isn't it? Joss Stone and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley both shares accents from the same area as myself.

Furthermore, I speak reasonable French, but deter from giving French pronunciations as I do not want to intervene with the French learning of others by giving inaccurate information. Plus, depsite being able to acheive a good American accent, I also avoid giving or rating American pronunciations.

I adore being a Brit teenager (at 16 years of age) in England, as it's great fun and I love the compliments we all recieve for our accents!
I can do a brilliant Scottish accent, as I have Scottish relatives, and I am so grateful to be born and raised in Great Britain because it means I've already mastered accents that even people who study English all their lives fail to understand.

It's amazing that English is spoken all over the world, but I dislike the foreign misperception that English is somewhat easy to learn, because I consider people who say this to actually speak poor English. I think that English should be considered a difficult language, as many people do not truly master the pronunciation and various grammatical structures.

However, I love helping peple on Forvo and find it interesting to hear all the accents from across the globe! Hearing names being pronounced is particularly interesting!

I hope you like my contributions to Forvo and all the best in your language learning.


PS. Feel completely free to correct me if you feel that's needed, or suscribe, or even just email me to chat, if you like. Hope to hear from you!

Gender: Female

Accent/country: United Kingdom

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