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Date Word Listen Votes
2011-12-30 enjoy [en] enjoy pronunciation 7 votes
2011-12-30 tablet [en] tablet pronunciation 1 votes
2011-12-30 Yesterday [en] Yesterday pronunciation 5 votes Best pronunciation
2011-12-30 today [en] today pronunciation 5 votes
2011-12-30 tomorrow [en] tomorrow pronunciation 7 votes
2011-12-30 capsule [en] capsule pronunciation 1 votes
2011-12-30 sodium [en] sodium pronunciation 2 votes
2011-12-30 scanner [en] scanner pronunciation 2 votes
2011-12-30 measure [en] measure pronunciation 8 votes Best pronunciation
2011-12-30 letter [en] letter pronunciation 5 votes
2011-12-30 protect [en] protect pronunciation 2 votes
2011-12-30 international [en] international pronunciation 4 votes
2011-12-30 investment [en] investment pronunciation 3 votes
2011-12-30 native [en] native pronunciation 5 votes
2011-12-30 record [en] record pronunciation 2 votes
2011-12-30 pronounce [en] pronounce pronunciation 9 votes
2011-12-30 pronunciation [en] pronunciation pronunciation 1 votes
2011-12-30 language [en] language pronunciation 1 votes
2011-12-30 category [en] category pronunciation 2 votes
2011-12-30 hazard [en] hazard pronunciation 4 votes
2011-12-30 calendar [en] calendar pronunciation 4 votes
2011-12-30 Comedy [en] Comedy pronunciation 3 votes Best pronunciation
2011-12-30 hospital [en] hospital pronunciation 4 votes
2011-12-30 peppermint [en] peppermint pronunciation 2 votes
2011-12-30 protector [en] protector pronunciation 4 votes Best pronunciation
2011-12-30 lavender [en] lavender pronunciation 6 votes
2011-12-30 chainsaw [en] chainsaw pronunciation 1 votes
2011-12-30 jazz [en] jazz pronunciation 3 votes
2011-12-30 Jasper [en] Jasper pronunciation 1 votes
2011-12-28 penchant [en] penchant pronunciation 1 votes

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I am 34 years old. I was born and raised in California, USA. I have been living in Connecticut, USA for 14 years now. I live with my husband and cats. I speak English and Spanish.

So I guess my accent is a mix of Californian and New England, but I think sounds like a "generic" US accent for the most part.

I'm disabled with Fibromyalgia, so I don't work, and I have times when I can help out.

If you'd like some help, tell me what word or words I haven't pronounced that might help you. Send me your list!

Want to thank me? No need to, but if you want, I collect postcards, and you can send me one from your area of the world! I would love that!

Gender: Female

Accent/country: United States

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