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2013-05-12 trascinando [it] trascinando pronunciation By betpao
2013-03-28 l'arcobaleno [it] l'arcobaleno pronunciation By Giank12345678
2013-02-06 scende [it] scende pronunciation By Giank12345678
2013-01-30 sfortunata [it] sfortunata pronunciation By MartinaB
2012-12-28 Scio [it] Scio pronunciation By painting_persimmons
2012-12-13 ricreativo [it] ricreativo pronunciation By gmaranca
2012-11-27 consiglia [it] consiglia pronunciation By kale
2012-10-19 giocano [it] giocano pronunciation By Lilianuccia
2012-10-16 le ragazze [it] le ragazze pronunciation By KiusaOni
2012-10-16 dando [it] dando pronunciation By Lilianuccia
2012-10-09 provarlo [it] provarlo pronunciation By Lilianuccia
2012-09-17 cartoni [it] cartoni pronunciation By Britomart
2012-09-08 creata [it] creata pronunciation By Giank12345678
2012-08-27 volerebbe [it] volerebbe pronunciation By cielo73
2012-08-24 dall'hotel [it] dall'hotel pronunciation By Britomart
2012-08-21 regali [it] regali pronunciation By lafayette
2012-08-21 dell'aeroplano [it] dell'aeroplano pronunciation By Britomart
2012-08-21 lavorava [it] lavorava pronunciation By lafayette
2012-08-21 piante [it] piante pronunciation By Britomart
2012-08-19 puoi ripeterlo [it] puoi ripeterlo pronunciation By Giank12345678
2012-08-19 da dove vieni [it] da dove vieni pronunciation By Giank12345678
2012-08-09 dica [it] dica pronunciation By domepad89
2012-07-31 dimentichi [it] dimentichi pronunciation By Giank12345678

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Hi! My name is Annie, I live in Williamsport, Pa, USA. I am currently learning Italiano, and willing to help anyone with any English word they might have trouble pronouncing.

I am a Mother, Grandmother, Artist and a Recreational Aide. I spend a lot of time with my grandchildren. I love music and art.

I always wanted to learn Italian. In High school they only offered Spanish,German,and French.

My family is Italian, my husbands family was from Roccafluvione and my fathers family was from Isca Sullo Ionio.

Sex: Female

Accent/country: United States


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