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2011-02-03 Odyle [nl] Odyle pronunciation By jackvandijk
2010-12-08 Cambridge ESOL [en] Cambridge ESOL pronunciation By wkshimself
2010-01-14 Vimeo [en] Vimeo pronunciation By stevefitch
2009-09-26 Rabat [fr] Rabat pronunciation By spl0uf
2009-07-23 Théodore Zeldin [fr] Théodore Zeldin pronunciation By spl0uf
2009-07-14 Mogadischu [so] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2009-06-29 wi-fi [fr] wi-fi pronunciation By richie
2009-06-12 Seville [en] Seville pronunciation By JessicaMS
2009-06-05 bordas [fr] bordas pronunciation By ixindamix
2009-05-24 Sevilleando [es] Sevilleando pronunciation By pleitecas
2009-05-16 Ivanhoe [en] Ivanhoe pronunciation By olbill
2009-05-01 TNS Sofres [fr] TNS Sofres pronunciation By Justyna

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