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2015-01-27 शुभ प्रभात [hi] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2015-01-27 Guten Morgen! [swg] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2015-01-27 bonne matinée [fr] bonne matinée pronunciation By Marsupilami
2015-01-27 Bonjour ! [fr] Bonjour ! pronunciation By Marsupilami
2015-01-27 bom dia! [pt] bom dia! pronunciation By ricasc_88
2015-01-27 Bon dia! [ca] Bon dia! pronunciation By irismala
2015-01-27 بالألمانية [ar] بالألمانية pronunciation By mihawk558
2015-01-27 آخن [ar] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2015-01-26 automáticas [es] automáticas pronunciation By danroler
2015-01-24 diner [ca] diner pronunciation By didace
2015-01-24 apoderar-se [pt] apoderar-se pronunciation By ricasc_88
2015-01-24 излишки [ru] излишки pronunciation By Spinster
2015-01-24 abundàncies [ca] abundàncies pronunciation By didace
2015-01-24 सींग [hi] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2015-01-24 קַרנַיִים [he] קַרנַיִים pronunciation By EladE
2015-01-24 banyes [ca] banyes pronunciation By didace
2015-01-24 خشخاش [ar] خشخاش pronunciation By hamyow
2015-01-24 мак-самосейка [ru] мак-самосейка pronunciation By Spinster
2015-01-24 विदेश मामलों [hi] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2015-01-24 外交事务 [zh] 外交事务 pronunciation By Rhapsodia
2015-01-23 ועדת החוץ [he] ועדת החוץ pronunciation By EladE
2015-01-23 العلاقات الخارجية [ar] العلاقات الخارجية pronunciation By hamyow
2015-01-23 الشؤون الخارجية [ar] الشؤون الخارجية pronunciation By hamyow
2015-01-23 Rat für Auswärtige Angelegenheiten [de] Rat für Auswärtige Angelegenheiten pronunciation By Thonatas
2015-01-23 外交政策 [zh] 外交政策 pronunciation By Rhapsodia
2015-01-23 relações exteriores [pt] relações exteriores pronunciation By ricnester
2015-01-23 международные дела [ru] международные дела pronunciation By Spinster
2015-01-23 assumptes exteriors [ca] assumptes exteriors pronunciation By didace
2015-01-23 לְאַקלֵם [he] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2015-01-23 جيف [ar] جيف pronunciation By hamyow
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