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Date Word Listen Votes
2012-02-01 mandated [en] mandated pronunciation 0 votes
2012-02-01 Rudmose-Brown [en] Rudmose-Brown pronunciation -1 votes
2010-12-02 feather-light [en] feather-light pronunciation 1 votes
2010-12-02 early bird [en] early bird pronunciation 1 votes
2010-12-02 birds of a feather [en] birds of a feather pronunciation 0 votes
2010-12-02 birds of a feather flock together [en] birds of a feather flock together pronunciation 1 votes
2010-12-02 Bratina Island [en] Bratina Island pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-12-02 anfracture [en] anfracture pronunciation 0 votes
2010-12-02 Kristen Bell [en] Kristen Bell pronunciation 0 votes
2010-12-02 saturated fats [en] saturated fats pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-12-02 Stan Laurel [en] Stan Laurel pronunciation 0 votes
2010-12-02 laurel [en] laurel pronunciation -1 votes
2010-12-02 apple pie [en] apple pie pronunciation 1 votes
2010-12-02 pi [en] pi pronunciation 1 votes
2010-12-02 ironic [en] ironic pronunciation -2 votes
2010-12-02 puppies [en] puppies pronunciation 1 votes
2010-12-02 constant [en] constant pronunciation 2 votes
2010-12-02 shuffle off this mortal coil [en] shuffle off this mortal coil pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-12-02 segregate [en] segregate pronunciation 0 votes
2010-12-02 segregated [en] segregated pronunciation 0 votes
2010-12-02 pay-phone [en] pay-phone pronunciation 1 votes
2010-12-02 Jedi Master [en] Jedi Master pronunciation 0 votes
2010-12-02 Jedi [en] Jedi pronunciation 1 votes
2010-12-02 creative [en] creative pronunciation 0 votes
2010-12-02 chicken [en] chicken pronunciation -1 votes
2010-12-02 behead [en] behead pronunciation 0 votes
2010-12-02 against [en] against pronunciation 0 votes
2010-12-02 create [en] create pronunciation 1 votes
2010-12-02 paper [en] paper pronunciation 3 votes Best pronunciation
2010-12-02 straight and narrow [en] straight and narrow pronunciation 2 votes
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I'm really just here to find out more about French words, my pronunciations are not the best.

My voice however might have a slight accent because I live in the country but it is not that strong.

Gender: Female

Accent/country: United States

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