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2014-09-16 comradery [en] comradery pronunciation By mschmidt62
2014-08-11 1000 [en] 1000 pronunciation 0 votes
2012-05-06 diaphanously [en] diaphanously pronunciation By TopQuark
2012-02-01 Yellow Magic Orchestra [en] Yellow Magic Orchestra pronunciation 1 votes
2012-01-31 flashing [en] flashing pronunciation By kstone11
2012-01-31 Chenowth [en] Chenowth pronunciation By ruffruff
2012-01-28 88 [en] 88 pronunciation 0 votes
2012-01-28 88 [yue] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2012-01-25 마틴 [ko] 마틴 pronunciation By euvin
2012-01-25 マーティン [ja] マーティン pronunciation By nekojudith
2011-10-15 Cup Noodles [en] Cup Noodles pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-22 longitudinally [en] longitudinally pronunciation By TopQuark
2010-07-21 amperage [en] amperage pronunciation By Dimac
2010-07-20 separatists [en] separatists pronunciation By TopQuark
2010-07-20 Presbyterianism [en] Presbyterianism pronunciation By greencat
2010-07-20 Presbyterians [en] Presbyterians pronunciation By greencat
2010-07-20 birdbrained [en] birdbrained pronunciation By TopQuark
2010-07-20 bingo wings [en] bingo wings pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2010-07-20 full frontal [en] full frontal pronunciation By TopQuark
2010-07-19 Blue Moon [en] Blue Moon pronunciation By TopQuark
2010-07-19 bite your tongue [en] bite your tongue pronunciation By goats
2010-07-19 fibula [en] fibula pronunciation By TopQuark
2010-07-18 dickhead [en] dickhead pronunciation By mishmash
2010-07-18 melon [en] melon pronunciation 2 votes
2010-07-18 cineworld [en] cineworld pronunciation 0 votes
2010-07-18 meetup [en] meetup pronunciation By Dimac
2010-07-18 Shakira [en] Shakira pronunciation 0 votes

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