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2012-01-08 学習者 [ja] 学習者 pronunciation votes
2012-01-08 kumi-kata [ja] kumi-kata pronunciation votes
2012-01-08 shiai [ja] shiai pronunciation votes
2012-01-07 二十日 [ja] 二十日 pronunciation votes
2012-01-07 tsubasa [ja] tsubasa pronunciation votes
2012-01-07 엄마 [ko] 엄마 pronunciation 1 votes
2012-01-07 suavity [en] suavity pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2012-01-07 continence [en] continence pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2012-01-07 aphorisms [en] aphorisms pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2012-01-07 raised [en] raised pronunciation 1 votes
2012-01-07 [ko] 최 pronunciation votes
2012-01-06 Dai-ikkyo [ja] Dai-ikkyo pronunciation votes
2012-01-06 行きました [ja] 行きました pronunciation votes

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hey I'm Bianca!
I've been studying english for about 12 years and was raised in Japan, though educated in portuguese (now I'm living in Brazil). I was graduated from a japanese language school in Brazil and have been self studying since finishing the course.
I also studied spanish for 2 years, but my spanish sounds really dorky! xD
Moreover, I've been studying korean on my own (thanks, google) for over 2 years already! (I'd like to spend more time increasing my korean vocabulary -which is miserable- and improving pronunciation but I cant help college prep routine...)
so, that's all!

Sex: Female

Accent/country: Brazil

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