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Date Word Pronunciation Info
2015-05-12 Michael Maze [da] Michael Maze pronunciation By CMunk
2015-02-05 Mios (Gironde) [fr] Mios (Gironde) pronunciation By Domigloup
2013-11-21 Edmonton [fr] Edmonton pronunciation By Pat91
2013-09-01 René Leys [fr] René Leys pronunciation By Pat91
2013-09-01 Victor Segalen [fr] Victor Segalen pronunciation By Pat91
2013-08-26 Alba Torrens Salom [ca] Alba Torrens Salom pronunciation By Forcat
2013-08-25 Marta Xargay [ca] Marta Xargay pronunciation By Forcat
2013-08-24 Sergio Rodríguez [es] Sergio Rodríguez pronunciation By elthavid
2013-08-24 Nando De Colo [fr] Nando De Colo pronunciation By Pat91
2013-08-24 Thomas Heurtel [fr] Thomas Heurtel pronunciation By Pat91
2013-08-24 Alexis Ajinça [fr] Alexis Ajinça pronunciation By Pat91
2013-08-24 Joffrey Lauvergne [fr] Joffrey Lauvergne pronunciation By Pat91
2013-08-23 Vincent Collet [fr] Vincent Collet pronunciation By Pat91
2013-08-23 Sádaba [es] Sádaba pronunciation 0 votes
2013-08-22 Caterine Ibargüen [es] Caterine Ibargüen pronunciation 0 votes
2013-08-22 Asbel Kiprop [sw] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2013-08-22 Amantle Montsho [tn] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2013-08-22 Zuzana Hejnová [cs] Zuzana Hejnová pronunciation By zwara
2012-11-04 何志文 [zh] 何志文 pronunciation By hester14
2012-11-04 Timo Boll [de] Timo Boll pronunciation By xemilien
2012-11-04 张继科 [zh] 张继科 pronunciation By hester14
2012-11-04 王励勤 [zh] 王励勤 pronunciation By hester14
2012-11-04 Tonino Benacquista [fr] Tonino Benacquista pronunciation By ecureuil
2012-11-02 Javier Gómez Noya [es] Javier Gómez Noya pronunciation By golemnro9
2012-11-02 Serge Ibaka [ln] Serge Ibaka pronunciation By MULUBA
2012-11-02 Tomáš Satoranský [cs] Tomáš Satoranský pronunciation By adelinny
2012-11-02 郎朗 [zh] 郎朗 pronunciation By sasd
2012-09-12 River Lagan [en] River Lagan pronunciation By Coder
2012-04-01 Caïn [fr] Caïn pronunciation By Pat91
2012-03-01 Didier van Cauwelaert [fr] Didier van Cauwelaert pronunciation By Pat91
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