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2009-03-12 Boston [en] Boston pronunciation 3 votes Best pronunciation
2009-03-11 New England [en] New England pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2009-03-11 dude [en] dude pronunciation 0 votes
2009-03-11 Hartford [en] Hartford pronunciation 2 votes

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I grew up in Stafford Springs, CT. CT is a virtually "accentless" state in the middle of all the strongest accents from New York, New Jersey, Boston, Maine, etc... I speak French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch and am working on some others. Connecticut residents have what is called a "glottal stop" accent, where the T sound is sometimes swallowed, such as in the case New Britain. We pronounce it like New BREH-en. Other than a few minor things, CT residents discard some of the major prevalent accents from the region.

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