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2008-09-07 voix [fr] voix pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-09-07 Vincennes [fr] Vincennes pronunciation 0 votes
2008-08-19 camp [fr] camp pronunciation 0 votes
2008-08-19 téléphone [fr] téléphone pronunciation 1 votes
2008-08-19 parler [fr] parler pronunciation 3 votes Best pronunciation
2008-08-19 méthodique [fr] méthodique pronunciation 0 votes
2008-08-19 méthode [fr] méthode pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-08-19 Bibliographie [fr] Bibliographie pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-08-19 ballon [fr] ballon pronunciation 0 votes
2008-06-24 Aix-la-Chapelle [fr] Aix-la-Chapelle pronunciation 3 votes Best pronunciation
2008-06-24 force majeure [fr] force majeure pronunciation 0 votes
2008-05-07 L'Hôpital [fr] L'Hôpital pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2008-05-07 Samir Nasri [fr] Samir Nasri pronunciation 0 votes
2008-05-07 mensonge [fr] mensonge pronunciation 0 votes
2008-04-16 ennuyeux [fr] ennuyeux pronunciation 0 votes
2008-04-06 merde [fr] merde pronunciation -1 votes
2008-04-06 lundi [fr] lundi pronunciation 8 votes Best pronunciation
2008-04-06 au revoir ! [fr] au revoir ! pronunciation 2 votes
2008-04-06 Claude Lévi-Strauss [fr] Claude Lévi-Strauss pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2008-04-06 bonjour [fr] bonjour pronunciation 4 votes

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I live in Paris, and I speak French, Spanish, and English. I''ve made some recordings on Forvo when I was 13... Now my voice has a changed a little, hehe ^^" Feel free to contact me if you have a question on French language!

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Accent/country: France

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