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2013-08-05 What a bore! [en] What a bore! pronunciation 2 votes
2013-05-14 quadriparesis [en] quadriparesis pronunciation 0 votes
2013-05-14 height [en] height pronunciation 0 votes
2013-05-14 forehead [en] forehead pronunciation 2 votes
2013-05-14 scheduled [en] scheduled pronunciation 2 votes
2013-05-14 schedules [en] schedules pronunciation 0 votes
2013-05-14 scheduler [en] scheduler pronunciation 1 votes
2013-05-14 4:3 [en] 4:3 pronunciation 0 votes
2013-05-14 processes [en] processes pronunciation 1 votes
2013-05-14 processes (verb) [en] processes (verb) pronunciation 0 votes
2013-05-14 clit [en] clit pronunciation -1 votes
2010-08-23 fjord [en] fjord pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-23 hoarder [en] hoarder pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2010-08-23 using [en] using pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2010-08-23 frizzy [en] frizzy pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-15 omophagia [en] omophagia pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-15 eschewed [en] eschewed pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-15 Bayeux Tapestry [en] Bayeux Tapestry pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-15 sit-in [en] sit-in pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-15 actuality [en] actuality pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-15 at first sight [en] at first sight pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-15 mediaeval [en] mediaeval pronunciation 2 votes
2010-08-15 supernumerary [en] supernumerary pronunciation -1 votes
2010-08-15 f-word [en] f-word pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-15 four-letter word [en] four-letter word pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2010-08-15 enlightenment [en] enlightenment pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-15 Live and let live [en] Live and let live pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-15 drawl [en] drawl pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-15 ophthalmology [en] ophthalmology pronunciation 0 votes
2010-08-15 Kayaking [en] Kayaking pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
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I am a native of California. My pronunciation is pretty typical for the West Coast of the US.

When pronouncing words, my intention is to pronounce them as I would in normal conversation. For example, my Ts will often round down to Ds: 'little' becomes 'liddle'.

I hope that exposure to this "less precise" pronunciation will improve comprehension in listeners and speakers, and increase appreciation for regional differences in English speech.

Gender: Female

Accent/country: United States

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